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Notification on production delay in Hiroshima factory due to heavy rain in western Japan.


Since July 6, 2018, western Japan has been struck with record breaking heavy rainfall, which has affected infrastructure such as transportation, electricity, water, phone lines in Kure, Hiroshima where our factory resides.

We have not had any damage to our machinery or facility, but are currently experiencing a water outage, making it difficult to run the factory.

Due to this, we made the decision to shut down our factory for the 9th of July.
Some of our staff has become a victim of this natural disaster (no injuries or deaths), which we believe will lead to production delay following July 10.

We currently do not have an exact date on resuming production, due to the water outage problem.

Another major problem is that transportation routes including railways and roads have been blocked by floods and landslides.
Orders that we have received by our customers at this point are expected to delay.

We will be updating information to our website regarding production recovery.

To all our customers, we are thankful for your concerns, and deeply sorry for your inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.
For any questions concerning this topic, please feel free to call our Tokyo office at