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Microfluidic glass


Microfluidic glass devices
Microfluidic glass devices
Microfluidic glass wafer
Microfluidic glass wafer Microfluidic glass wafer Microfluidic glass wafer
 Due to glass properties, microfluidic glass products are superior to PDMS resin ones in terms of thermal and chemical resistance.


Flexible 3-dimensional channel design upon requirements
● Microfluidic glass devices instead of PDMS resin
  ・Excellent thermal and chemical resistance
● Transparent microfluidic channels
  ・Possible to observe/measure inside from all directions
●Microfluidic channels at a high aspect ratio
●Embedded electrode in microfluidic channels
  ・Specimens can act and separate on the device by electrophoresis

End user market / Applications

・Analytical chips for DNA/drug-discovery-screening analyzers,etc
・Microreactors for biochemical reaction/electrophoresis analyzers,etc
・Bioreactors for chemical sensors, microorganism-detection sensors,etc
・Industrial gas-detection sensors,etc
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